Sunday, July 01, 2007


I wrote about Jane Burchard´s bags before and when Ann- Sofie and I went to Copenhaguen last fridays we droiled again ....but this time we looked inside too and there are beautiful fabrics too and some interesting things like pockets made of old cross-stitched embroidery pieces. Anyway, last time I bought some fabrics and found some and some things for embellishment, but nothing happened. Today it did!!! here´s outer piece: And here´s lining with zip pocket, on the other side there´s a small pocket for my cellphone
and here´s a flap that needs something more and if you turn your head you´ll se the finished bag. It´s a good thing that "Stoff och Stil" are opened on sundays. I bought the sparkeling brosch for 40 crowns that is a perfect match!

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