Thursday, July 26, 2007


I updated my links and would like to introduce you to some friends:
Annika does it all! She makes "regular clothes", costumes and is a master on macrame and a lot of othe things! She lives in Seattle.
Tini is knitting and sewing in Kiel. Take a look at her corsett and her beautiful wedding pictures not to mention her cats...
Maria who haven´t been blogging for so long lives in Denmark and has nice cats too. Maria sells Onionpatterns through internet so if you live in an Onionfree zone or don´t trust your danish. You can order them through her! She lives in Ugerlöse not far from Copenhagen.
Karine ( KayB ) is from Berlin but is sewing and knitting in Ireland there she lives. I have in my stash a nice donegaltweed that I got from her and I´m saving it for a special project. She likes cats too!
Els is truly a master seamstress, member of the patternreview girls and should have five stars after her name if people realised. I don´t think she really cares, she is sewing in the Netherlands. She´s one of the members behind the Sewing Divas together with Ann, Gigi, Phyllis and Georgene. Some of them I met but I feel like I know them all.
Looking forward too meet you all in Kiel in october, will miss you Els!

Casey who writes Elegant musing is not only talented herself, she has the ability to find others that are too! I found a lot of nice blogs through her site.
Erica at Hook and Needles knows how to handle her machine and her needles. A lot of fashion and opinions on patterns.
Julie is a young sewer and crafter who does a lot of different things, recently moved from NY ( I would never do that! )
Pat does quilting and knitting, have been knitting a lot of socks lately and have a nice blog, take a look you too!
Annette at Mots e maille that I think translates to stitch and purl or somthing like that is a swede living in France and if you have the latest Interweave crochet there is a feature on her. I met her through her food blog there she writes in swedish. She recently moved from Alsace to outside Lyon. Through her blog I found
Batilou who makes wonderful clothes with yarn and fabric. I don´t remember that much french unfortunately but pictures are universal!

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