Thursday, February 02, 2017

Swedish Stockings

You heard of Swedish tracingpaper and now I´m telling you about Swedish Stockings. If you read this blog you must have notised that I wear a lot of dresses and skirts, and since I live in a cold climate I need pantyhose and I used a lot of different brands with very different result. It´s weird when you buy a brand and it´s kind of roomy and then you buy another pair but in a different style and they are simply too small, way too small....and when we have this thing with nags and honestly most of the time they are ready for the trash before I need to wash them, then I discovered this brand, they are made from recycled nylon and comes in a few different styles, some with patterns, I´ve tried a 60 and 100 denier and I´m in love! day after day they last and look good on. They cost more to buy but counting how long they last they are much cheeper and so much more comfy.

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