Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cascade kind of cardigan

Yesterday I invested in a tripod and I have obviously a lot more to learn on how to use it, At least I got pictures of me wearing the garment and I saw at once that the dress could have improved with the use of FBA. This blurry picture is from my kitchen and yes! I have a pink fridge!
This pattern is from a Burda Plus and the fabric is from Bologna, and contains a little bit more synthetic than I like to admit. The cardigan was a part of my winter plan as was the dress, There is nothing wrong with this cardigan really... beautiful as the fabric is, a kind of jaquard knitted fabric in black, grey and brown, it does not show the nice cut that this cardigan have and it does not really match anything in the plan.... The cardigan was easy to sew and I decided to hem it by hand and I think that was a good decision I also omitted the pockets
 I think this is a really good pattern and it should be done in a solid to show of those nice lines, I have a grey college melange fabric that I think will be an excellent choise...but not this week.....

Closeup on the fabric, the back side is brown

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