Friday, February 17, 2017

Kind of retro dress Onion 2064

I like Onion patterns a lot and since I live close to Copenhagen it´s easy to pick one when I´m on a daytrip there. This is a really easy dress to sew, I don´t know where I got the fabric...probably Copenhagen... I made the view with the straight sleeves and added piping to the collar and lapels. I also added an extra button since I decided this was not a dress for cleevage. The cut dividing the upper part from the lower part both on the back and front make the dress really easy to sew at least if you use a fabric that does not have to match

I also added an extra seam since I had a little accídent with the serger.....I´ve been sewing for a lot of year and this was actually the second time that happened, but since the fabric is very busy I just serged the hole together and it does not show unless you know where to look.  I´m a pretty happy person so I guess I have to try laughing or at least smile for the next session....and I don´t wear this dress with orange shoes.
I have to talk about the pink bag on my right side in the picture. It´s a Hinza bag. It´s a reproduction from a design from around 1950 made from recycled plastic, you can buy it in 2 sizes and in a lot of different colors, It´s sturdy, easy to clean and fun. I use it all the time!

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