Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fabric shopping in Bologna

I´ve been to Bologna once before and fell in love with this city and since I still havn´t found a love for Milan I decided to spend my last night and day in Bologna

I strolled the streets on a day with some showers and found a notion store that was closed but looked promising if when I return

The adress of this store is 29A Via delle Lame
Last time I was in Bologna I bought some fantastic fabrics at the market, this time I found one seller that had really nothing I even wanted to touch!

The fabric store I visted and bought a fabric from was Mercantino dello scampolo on Via Gandusio 35. This store is not in the center of Town but if you stand at the Railway station with your back to the building its maybee 4 blocks t the left, you will reach a bridge that takes you over the tracks. Go over the street to the other side of it and when you are over the part with the tracks there´s stairs that you take and if you look slightly to the right now you can see the store. This store is stacked with good stuff at reasonable prices and a very helpful staff who speaks italian.


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