Friday, May 24, 2013

Shaukat is at 700 old Brompton road and you´ll reach if by taking bus C1 from Victoria station. They sell tweeds and Liberty and the prices of Liberty is so much better than in any other store I visited, You can shop 3 meter pieces or have them to cut from the bolt for you
This is 3 meter pieces very eatly folded and the store is very clean, fabric stores have a tendency to be dusty but nor here
They also have chairs for company who dont want to explore the shelves. This is Hanna without the mask...
and this is the two pieces I bought, the first is very Liberty to me and the second one not so but has a nice retro feel to it. Liberty cottons are so nice to touch and have the nicest drape....yum!
Next week I will be given the keyes to my new sewingroom. I decided that I lacked a room and wrote the board of my appartment building if they had any vacancies and they did not but shortly after this room, right down the stairs was available and now it´s been cleaned and painted and I can start carry down thing very soon. There´s even very functional shelves down there, so I´m looking forward get my appartment livable again....and the rent for this room is less than tiny...

Oh yes! and I´m going to Ireland in August!!!!

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