Monday, May 27, 2013

1920 extravaganza

I went to a 1920 style burlesk extravaganza and had a fabulous time, I wanted a flapperstyle dress that I could wear casual also, so I used no 432 from the Burda Plus that I wrote about before and added the angle cut and the ruffles from Vogue 8082 that I oicked from the unloved table at PR weekend SF
 The fabric is from Paris, marked as rayon but I think it´s polyester, and even though it´s kind of retro it´s really not 20 something, I underlined the dress with Silk organza that I brought home from Stone Mountain in Berkeley
 The headpiece that I bought at Claire´s in London and a elastik trim with sequens on bought locally
 The skirt looks like this and I made view A since I was kind of lacking in fabric, I even hade to piece some fabric for the ruffles. The rufffles was cut on bias and hanged out very uneven, the little point on the upper ruffle had to be shortened becource it was longer than the under ruffle.
It was fantastic to see what everybody was wearing, next time I´ll put more glitter into it...

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