Friday, May 10, 2013

Burda Plus spring/summer 2013

Burda Plus have the last years been a kind of " best of" so if you by Burda Style you already have all the pattern...Now they are back in business with this issue; all new patterns, at least for plus size and I can basically see myself in almost everything Nice stories and fab fabrics.
Thank you Burda!!!!

I´m working on a flapper dress that I´m going to wear to a party extravaganza later this month and used one of the dresses from this issue as a top and going to use a Vogue skirt pattern for bottom. I´m using a kind of retro fabric bought in Paris and underlining with silk organza and the fabrics don´t behave in the same way...I´ve done underlining before but not this large pieces, but there´s still plen...some time to get the job done.

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