Monday, July 09, 2012

Toile and samples

At the LW expo there was a room with some samples of toiles
and how the finished dress looked
There where also a lot of sketches
and soma samples that you could toutch: The one at the upper right on the lower picture is silk chiffon embroidered with peacock ( price unknown....)


Lydia La La said...

I have lots of coincidences happen in my life and here is another. Yesterday I was looking up Stockholm that I had loved seeing during my visit in 1996.
I was thinking of doing another trip. And then here you are today in Malmo that we drove by on our way to Bornholm Island another time. I followed on to you from Sigrid's Sewing projects that I found on my old favourite blog, Stitches and Seams. I should be sewing or doing housework instead of surfing the net! Anyway... thank you for such a nice blog.

karin said...

Thank you!
I read those blogs too and also spending far to much time in front of the computer...