Thursday, July 05, 2012

A basket for every purpose

I have quite a few baskets for storage, some of them show really nice workmanship and some are just ordinary cheap stuff In my livingroom I have 2 for yarn, one for wool, one full of blankets and quilts, 1 for trash, 3 for UFOs... I have baskets made from different roots, bark and straw and I have one that´s painted Today I went to watch a exebition of baskets at the museum in Landskrona This is a french yarn basket, have had a lining of fabric
This is a french potato basket, they really know how to do it in style...
And these are called Brigitte Bardot baskets, I did not know that but apparently there are some pictures of her using one of these as a handbag
back pack is made from bark from birch, something that you could make a lot of things from like shoes
Fish baskets, remember these from readin Donald Duck as a child
There where also some new baskets made by people from England, Denmark and Sweden and probably some other countries. The museum shop had some baskets for sale too.

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