Thursday, July 26, 2012


Emily Ross did the pattern, it´s free on Ravelry and 6414 Harunis has already been knitted and the pattern has been translated into several languages including swedish
Mine has 20 rows of leaves and I used something called fyberpath lace yarn and it was bleeding a lot while soaking so I´m surpriced it´s still green....I used 55 grams of the yarn so I have almost half of it left
I´ve already started next shawl, not for me this time...and I´m using a pattern from Nancy Bush Knitted lace of Estonia called "Raha" That means money. In the book this is a one repeat scarf but I saw a shawl knittet with multible repeats on Ravelry and think it´ll be perfect for my friend
Not only do I like to knit lace on 2mm needles, I like to wear it a lot.

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Your work is beautiful.
Kind regards