Monday, July 02, 2012

Kriss skirt fix

I have some issues with Kriss clothes but my mum likes them and I think Heidi would say matrony... I found this skirt on a fleamarket a few weeks ago and saw some potential. It has elastic waist and multible ruffles and was not maxi lenght
I simply cut of the two lower ruffles and hemmed the lining and added a little lace at the hem since it will be showing a little bit since the hemline is a little lower at front due to ruffle design
It took me less than 15 minutes to fix this and then I repaired a side seam too. I think this skirt is fun and flirty and I will be able to style it in many ways


Sufiya said...

Great skirt remodeling job! I like the way you widened the flare out to the sides, very clever. Doing so dod reduce the "matronly" vibe to zero, while retaining its integrity; what more could anyone ask of an "upcycle"!

Sufiya said...

If you like your flounces to stand out more, run a line of thin cord or braid or even just edgestitch along their edges. You could even do this in a contrasting colour for a little flick of interest at the hem. I figure the purpose of a flounce is not to droop limply but to show some moxie and add to the outfit.. Otherwise it's just a tripping hazard.