Thursday, September 29, 2011

Think Pink!

It´s October and it´s time for breast cancer awarness again. And believe me this year I´m more aware than ever about it...
It´s time to donate money either just donate or buy any of those products that will share part of the profit to research.
In Sweden we have a tradition that the ribbon have a different patterns printed on them each year It´s an honor to do the design and there´s some symbolism in it. This year there are six different designs!

The desingers this year are Per Holknekt, one of the founders of Odd Molly ( you know my feelings for their clothes....) and his wife Lena Philipsson

Lena is a wellknown singer and performer who looked like this when she started out and the other thing she was known for then was that she sewed her own clothes!!!both for stage and private.

Anyway the symbolism of this year is the embrace and that breastcancer and that it affects both sexes, 3 of the designs are malish and 3 femalish.
Finally the flowers I got from my colleages at the formal salubration of my birthday


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Karina said...

Well foremost - "Happy Birthday" Karin! What a great idea having patterns on the ribbons - not only sending out a message, but doing it in style, too!