Friday, September 02, 2011

Ottobre fall 2011 Violet Rose ( mod 9 )

I´ve always liked the models from Ottobre. They are very wearable but I have done very little from them. I have read a lot of times of the use of "Framilon tape" and Known for some time that it´s a brand name for invisible elastic. They use it to garther fabric and since that is one thing I don´t like I decided to try the method and it´s so great!!!!
Since it was a muslin I thought about making a night T-shirt so I had this fabric from the ugly fabric swap in Copenhaguen some years ago, I think it was Maria´s fabric and that the color wasn´t good for her.
I didn´t see until now that the yoke is supposed to be double so I tried a new method here to the Jalie way and it did only OK mostly due to that my fabric does not have any elastic length wise, but will work better next time...

Look at those garthers!
I will make a tutural for this!


Annika said...

Yes, please - make a tutorial on how you did those gathers! Nice job!

karin said...

Why don´t I come over and show you...?! :-)