Monday, July 14, 2008

Strik a la carte

This is from Strik a la carte by Marianne Isager, a very talented danish designer. There are a lot of really beautiful and wearable garment in this book I´m using an ecological cotton that i don´t know why doesn´t seem to be made into a finished garment. It started its knitting career as Aberlady wannabe but this is the best so far.

It´s a special way of doing the knitting, you start at the shoulders and knitt down ward the hemline that will be zig zaged. I´m shaping it a little. Fun project to knit and a good summer top since you can actually wear a bra under it. One of the knitters at my knittin café made 3 of it, one was from sockyarn. So far I like everything about this top

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