Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I can do that!

It´s no secret for the readers of this blog that I adore the clothes of Odd Molly. They have a new collection out and these fingerless mittens I can easy duplicate. I think drops alpacka is a good choise! The problems with fingerless mittens are that your finger gets cold...has to be matched with gloves. I just love the way they show these with worn out nailpolish... A lace shawl. There´s plenty out there to be knitted!
I´m not sure about the fabrics here but I like the way they use tree different fabrics
This is a goodie! bleach spots. I think it might be a good thing to try the tecnique on a piece of fabric before sewing. I also think that this is a good idea for spicing up a vintage suit from the closet or the flea market
I´m not a lacy ( lazy? yes sometimes...) girl but I really like the hemline of this skirt, It has a vintage feel to it and I´m thinking of using it for a dress in an embroidered viscose I bought in Paris
Here´s the fabric! I think I can use the colors of the emroidery for the trim. I´m not sure what pattern I will be using yet!

The fabric is not here, look in the next posting

Odd Mollys website are oddmolly.com. There´s more goodies there!

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Annika said...

Odd Molly' stuff is really cool - I like the concept of the bleach spotted suit, but I think you could achieve a nicer effect with an Ikat fabric from Thailand - sort of splotchy looking but it wouldn't look like it was a laundry mistake.