Monday, July 28, 2008

Mini wardrobe contest

I entered th PR review´s mini wardrobe contest and auditioned fabric i think this one´s the winner; upper fabric green corduroi for a jacket, plaid for a skirt, floralfor a wide skirt and eyelet for a wrap blouse
Here´s a variation with the plaid skirt replaced with a green top
and here´s the eyelet blouse replaced with a redish top, does not go so well with the plaid skirt though...
and here´s one variation with a beige knitted jacket and the green corduroi as a skirt.
Even if I can´t compete with more than 4 items I still allowed to make more!


KayB said...

I agree, Karin, the first fabric combination I like best too. Good Luck with the contest!

Annika said...

I agree with both of you - the first combination is great. I always have such a hard time mixing and matching fabrics; here in the States everyone is so damned matchy-matchy - no interesting variations. Everyone is afraid to match a flowery blouse with a plaid skirt. I love to see things like polka dots and plaids, or tweeds and flowers. Ahhh! I'm living in a textile vacuum! Help! Help!