Monday, July 14, 2008

Sari dress

At PR weekend in Copenhagen Annika brought this sari to the ugly fabric swap and i recall stealing it from Åsa several times. I once started to cut out wrap pants from it but changed my mind. Now it´s a dress. Used a pattern from the same Patrones as the skirt and used the long border of the fabric for the hemline and the back yoke The front yoke is made from the endpart that should fall over your shoulder.
The dress was realy easy and fast and it´s important to use a very light fabric. It´s a dress that I think will work especially good as after beach.
This sari was made from cotton, I have a silk sari too that I bought at a little shop in Berlin a couple of years ago. I´m letting it age with dignity...


Annika said...

How pretty it is! I'm glad you made something out of that sari - it sat in my fabric stash aging gracefully for a few years because it just never told me what it wanted to be.

KayB said...

Oh, this turn out very pretty! Sometimes fabric needs to age... to unfold its full potential when its time is coming. In your case, this obviously was its time.