Thursday, March 27, 2008

La Drougerie

I had a couple of hours between train and plain on my way home in Paris so I walked to Les Halles and Rue de jour that´s close. La Drougerie is a famous yarn, pearls and embellishment store in Paris. They have a second location at Au bon Marche that also sells other brands of yarns like Rowan. Photo from outside with th "no photo sign" in th center. They sell yarns in hanks in different fibercontents as cotton, wool, cashmere and mohair, you can see some of it in the picture
What is so fantasitiqe about this store is the way they knit rather simply garments and embellish them so fantastic in a rather simple way!
They have also "kits" for jewellery and it works this way:
You see something you like in one of their books and you tell the sales lady ( and there´s plenty of them) and instead of taking down a kit from a shelf she startes putting it together by picking pearls and whatever else from the jars on the shelfs.
Then you go to the "man in the booth" and pay for it. I always get a biblical feeling about him like he is there to decide over the dead and the living but he seams to be a nice man.
Even if you dont buy anything this is a store to druil over!
Just around the corner there´s a ribbon store, a famous japanese brand that is not called Macluba ( that´s an arabian dish) but something simular

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Annika said...

I think it's Mokuba you're talking about. They manufacture ribbons.