Monday, March 03, 2008

Embroidery workshop/café

At Helylle in Kristianstad, Eva has started embroidery workshops on sundays, it´s 4 sundays during spring and this was the second. For 3 hours we sewed, talked, drank coffe and ate candy.
My parents live outside Kristianstad and we had salubrated my brothers birthday on saturday so I spent time here before going home.
This shop is so nice, a lot of nice yarn, house designs with kits, a lot of things to show.
I was sewing on my wool embroidery from Scania ( Skånskt yllebroderi) We have a trdition here in sweden that we have typical embroidery in different areas of the country. I grew up in Blekinge and they do oriental flowers and birds inspired from imported china in pastels in cotton and linen on linen fabric. Skåne where I live now have these folkart patterns made in wool. These two tecniques are actually the same, when you make satin stitches you do it in a way that you don´t fill the back of the fabric. A way to save thread!
There are other samples of these local traditions and I will take some pictures to show you later. Actually if you are familiar with these traditional patterns you can find some of them at IKEA. Katarina Brieditis who has made a lot of stuff for IKEA ( as well as other ) are very inspired by old swedish craft traditions

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