Sunday, March 09, 2008

Advent calender

In Sweden we are obsessed with advent calenders! If you unfamiliar with it it´s about open a windowbox on a piece of paper and find a picture behind. We have calenders on TV. Rather short episods made for children, could be X-masy but don´t have to. After each episode, you open the windowbox and find a picture of someting that occured in the episode. There´s always a debate on how good this years calender is and is it better than "teskedsgumman" the teaspoonlady, It´s a book about a lady who shrunk to the size of a teaspoon when she got stressed. I think this was the calender of 1968 or something.
Today you can buy calenders with chocolate ( they usually contains some nuts without it beeing said so, so there´s always some allergic kid that has to go to the ER.) Every newspaper has one as do every team of soccer, hockey, tennis, ski and you name ... and you can win very nice prices becource there´s a number in each windowbox. Lately every parent ( who want to be a good parent ) have to make one for there kid that contain small gifts like rubber, pen and other small items, you can even buy these small rubbish in packs of 24.
Why am I writing about this in mars?
My friend Anna found this knitted scarf advent calender at a swedish yarnsite and it was publishes daily during december, Anna knitted the entire scarf. I had 100 g of a single ply wool and started going on as long as the yarn lasted. It lasted half way through dec 15...
I have som nice pics of it while blocking but blogger is not cooperative tonight so that will be a later post

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