Sunday, November 25, 2007

Onion goes Chanel

I don´t look so content but I am!. Here´s a back view:
and close up on the hem line with the chain:
I used an article in Treads about simplying the construction and it worked fine, but at the end I omitted putting bias tape around the armcycle and just used zig zag. The arma have facings in the quilted burgundy fabric, used the lower pattern part that could be done in a contrasting fabric.
I like this jacket a lot!


Annika said...

This Onion Chanel is simply exquisite. I love what you did at the hemline and I love the quilted lining. I so wish I could wear that color of pink like you can! Karin, your work - no matter what media you choose - always has this subtle brilliance to it.

Theresa said...

Your jacket-the inside details look fantastic-I can see why you like it a lot.

karin said...

Thank you! thank you!