Saturday, November 03, 2007

Helylle is a yarn shop that opened in Kristiansstad maybee two months ago. It used to be in Vittskövle outside Kristiansstad before. Loverly shop and more yarn than before. Eva now carries Rowan and Drops as well as Rauma and some other stuff. She also sells Spede sweaters, both kits and readymade sweaters if you just want to do the decoration.
I bought more than I intended to do!
I started my spede sweater in a teal yarn I´ve knitted 6 cm and my plan is to do 5 cm/ week and then the body will be finished by the first weekend i february when there will be a spede class on how to do the embellishment
This a detail, the needles are 1,5 mm
I also bought this variagated yarn for a scarf with holes in it that I will felt, not started yet
I saw a scarf in the shop knitted in Drops Fabel, 20 stitches, the hole ball, two knots ine each end. Have done half the scarf now.
Works in any selfstriped sock yarn. I saw that Kaffe Fasset had done colors for Regia. I think a scarf is a much better place to show off nice yarn than on the foot inside a shoe or a boot

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