Sunday, November 11, 2007

10 things to do in the near future!!!!

1. Replace the lost button in my grey jacket, it´s been missing 3- 4 weeks!
2. Frog and fix the yarn from the variagated pink cardigan
3. Finish the Onion goes Chanel jacket
4. Sew all the seams in the brown and teal cardigan ( then I got to find some fun closures for it!) and the felt it.
5. Finish the green spede style cardigan that I finally ( 6 months ) found some more trim for.
6. 3 skirts that are cut and started to sew on should be finished
7. Brown Onion jacket are cut, should be sewed
8. second red pearl cuff should be done
9. Green barett started from the Envy yarn should be finished
10. What if I sew together the aran- lace cotton sweater inspired by Debbie Bliss.

Ok! so there is that button?

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