Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Fabric shopping in Nice

I spent last weekend in Nice and had a wunderful time, I ate too much and drank a lot of champagne and rosé, but I also walked a lot and went up and down 74 stairs to get to my airbnb room, perfectly situated in the old Town.
I looked and toutched a lot of nice clothes at Gallerie Lafayette and I also went to some cool vintage stores at looked at Chanel bags in a wide array of fabrics and sizes, all TDF ( I have an obsession for these bags...)
All my breakfasts looked like this!

And over to the fabric situation: I did a google search before I left and got adresses for stores that when I got there did not exist any more. I found two stores that existed , the first one is Toto

Toto is on 26 Rue de France and is an ordinary fabric store that has a little of everything but nothing special, they have a store on 14 av. Malausséna, I just passed this one but what I could see from the window it was more into drapes than fashion fabric.
When we have Wunderland Tissus.....on 6 rue doct Jacques Guidoni and it´s a little heaven of nice fabrics.....They have basic wool jersey, other jerseys and really georgeous couture fabrics

Both these stores are located very central and the last one is a really great store!!!

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