Sunday, June 05, 2016

Carolyn PJ

I liked the look of Carolyn PJ from Closet case patterns and it is really a nice pattern with a Classic manly look that I understand is actually really hot as a day look according to some magazines I´ve been reading lately.
I used quilters cotton from my stash and bought some bias binding for the top.
Do I like it? Yes and No!
No I don´t like to sleep in it , maybee course I´m used to sleeping in cotton jersey and I don´t like the blue color of the pants, I might toss them away or try to dye them in a darker shade and something I dont like about the pattern is that the seam allowances in the collar and neck area is to big, I prefer 1 cm here.
Yes, I like my shirt very  much and intend to wear it as a blouse and yes I like the pant as a pattern. It´s a very good pull on pant with pockets and elastic waist that I can see myself wearing in a both viscose, linen and cotton, I might even make a couple of shorts from it, and while I´m writing this I´m thinking of making a day PJ in a nice fabric to wear this summer...

Oh shit! That is a lausy picture, I really don´t know how to get a decent selfie, thought the pillow was cute (due to lack of teddie)

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