Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ginger my love

A lot of people are making Ginger jeans as well as a lot of other jeans pattens and I honestly did not get what the fuss was about this pattern. I´m not a jeans girl even though this is the kind of sewing I like, my last pair of jeans I used when painting walls in my hallway....and I have been trying on jeans at stores but they don´t fit well or the content of lycra is so high that the denim feeling fades and I love denim as a fabric.

I decided to buy Ginger and also start using PDF pattern that I hated and still dislike but it´s a good way to store them on the computer and they are usually cheaper if you don´t count the money I hade to spend on a printer....
Ginger is designed by Closet Case Files and I also ordered the Carolyn PJ and the e-book on how to make jeans. You get to download the patterns 5 times during 2 years and not beeing used to this I had 1 e-book left when I managed to find them on my computer. I wrote and explaned how I messed it up and I my account very fast got 5 downloads to use. Thank You!

 I love this pattern, I measured myself and was right between sizes and went down and it was a good decision, I made the high waisted jeans and made a boothcut leg by myself. I raised them almost an inch in the back, that´s what I usually do with all pants and skirts, I have a small "shelf" that needs some extra fabric. The instructions in the e-book was brilliant, both inches and metric. The fabric is a 2% lycra denim from my local chainstore Stoff och Stil, button from stash that has a lot of those extra buttons you get when you buy RTW, mines are mostly donated by friends.

Once they where finished I bought the red denim and grey and mustard twill with 3 % lycra, The mustard I will save for fall. Not only could I use my stashed buttons but also my stash of quilting fabrics did come to use as lining the pockets

I did not interface the lining other than where the button and buttonhole should be and I cut it length wise to reduce the stretch.

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