Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fading Bubbles

I´m not much of a sock knitter or user, but I have a theori that I´ve been knitting my socks to big, so now I´m making them tighter, I like to knit socks though becourse they are kind of fast and there are a lot of lovely yarns out there and you can try new tecniques and even though the yarn might be expensive, it´s usually just one skein ( but somehow I had to order 3 more skeins after this project...)
A friend was buying yarn from Wollelfe I I wanted to try some and decided on sock yarn in the color "fresh" The yarn is gradient and comes in many weight and different yardage. On the picture below it looks like I´m knitting blue socks from green yarn....LOL
The picture is from my recent trip to London, more on that later....

The pattern is called Bubbles down the drain and I used the lacy pattern and knitted my sock with a "normal" heal just from bottom and up. I don´t have a really good way to start my bottom and up socks ´but I have figured out a way to do a "normal" heel backwards, becourse I really need that extra yarn due to very high wrists.
Socks knitted on circulars are a good project to bring on a short trip, for longer trips I prefer a lace shawl, you get a lot of knitting on low weight

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