Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ottobre dress- the wadder

I bought a set of pillowcase and duvet cover (?) not really sure about the correct term here but I bought it at a fleamarket and got a lot of yardage for very little money. It was so cheap that I went back and found the set in blue too. They are never used and is chambray. I might go back and get the black set too.... It´s the cover model from the latest issue but with sleeves. I had some issues with the cut before starting but went ahead and used the pattern anyway...with not so good results. If you follow the pattern the ends of the front where the closures are will not be on straight grain...The seamstress that made the plaid dress must have had an issue with that too and made ajustments in a way not told in the magazine
This is a photo of the back, not so good either...Burda had a simular cut in the latest issue but did it without scooping out the bodice piece.
Here´s a picture of me trying to fix the front.
I was not too keen on the sleeves either, but decided that I could make a nice blue dress using this pattern with a lot of modifications and I can use the fabric of this dress for something else

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