Saturday, June 09, 2012

Everybody can sew a tank top

These patterns called "alla kan sy" Everybody can sew are old in an unsofisticated way, the fabric of choise was bad even when they where produced... But they are actually great, basic styles that fit well and they can still be found at fabric sshops across Sweden I used to make a lot of this tanktop 10-15 years ago. very nice, very bra friendly I havent been sewing this for a long time and was curious how my new bust would work and I have to cut of about 4 cm at each side at bustlevel to get a good fit. I wanted to try it out becourse I used to have good experienses with it way back and I want to make myself som summer dresses. It worked very well, I used a purple thai silk, gift from Annika that I washed in the machine befor cutting and cut it on the wro´ng direction to get the stripes vertical. Really very easy sewing, french seams at the sides and som lace inside for a little extra...

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