Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vogue 1250 DKNY dress

Yeah! I had to try it too! and it is a great dress, and so fast to sew. This is my second attempt I wasn´t careful enought with the pattern so one of them came in a wrong position, I might shorten it to a top but not today.
I even got my serger to work, I changes the needles and threaded it correctly...

I made some changes, I needed the lowerpart bigger so I cut the pattern and spreaded it and I also added the extra for the seat. I later took that amount of fabric away and some from the back since there where a little too much fabric there.
I followed the instruction but stabilized the shoulder seam.
The fabric is bought in Copenhaguen at Stof2000 short after byuing the aqua fabric and my plan was to make a top from it, since it was 2 meters for 50 crowns sale I bought more then needed so there was enought for a dress.
I would not mind making this dress again in a very very nice fabric and I would not mind paying extra for it course this dress is worth it
Well...there is a reason why this pattern seams to be everyones favourite this season!

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