Monday, August 08, 2011

Burda 4/2011 mod 140

I´ve been to a sewing camp for three days and got a lot of things done including this skirt. The first picture is of a flea market skirt I bought, it´s a kind of german/ austrian look in a really nice fabric; a corduroi in cotton/rayon in a beautiful green variagated color

I used Burda 4/2011 mod 40 and raised it in the back adding a mid back seam and layed the front on the buttoned frontpiece. The original skirt was lined with a polyester lining, I used that for the pockets and added a black rayon lining

I tried to save as much of the cute stuff from the original skirt like the button holes and the little fake pocket.

The skirt is really nice with the sewed pleats and a nice basic skirt that I might do again.
Love the buttons!!!!

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