Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hot Pattern Primavera dress

I liked the look of a lot of Hot Patterns patterns but they cost more than I normally would like to pay for a pattern and though there are some talks about the cut of their pants I´m actually very pleased with Burdas patterns and not have to do an FBA makes them a lot easier to sew. But since you should try everything at least once I bought this pattern and thought I could make a nice dress from it using my nice silk fabric I bought in Paris.

And this pattern might work for someone with the boobs on there back or a serious haunchback. After I tried it on I checked the pattern sheet and the back bodice is 4 cm longer than the front!

You can see the difference in this photo. This keeps the dress falling towards the front all the time.

I picked size by measurement and this does not give the dress the fit intended and I really don´t get the "thing" with the semiraglan sleeves, maybee they would be easier to sew if the sleeves where on straight grain and not on the bias.
So now I have two options; use the skirt part and make a skirt or redraw the back bodice and do a lot of ripping...and I must say not today...and since I´m doing radiation and working for two hours now I don´t need this kind of occupation to get the days to go faster.
The pattern envelope suggests making a muslin first. I do that sometimes but not for a semifitted dress like this. I think it´s better these things are checked before sale! This is a construction thing not a fitting thing.

Burda my love there are thou?

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