Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nygårds Anna copycat

I love the work of Nygårds Anna Bengtsson, she makes clothes using the finest linen, wool and cotton and in beautiful natural shades, inspired by Swedish folklore. This top or dress cought my eyes as a shortsleeved dress in the window

I used a very basic Onion pattern to draft a pattern from and a white linen from the stash, not at all the nice quality of the original dress and this wearable muslin is what I made:

I will have to make some changes before cutting the dress, on thing is that it it cut to low, there is a limit to how much cleavage I would like to show and this is way too far...I´m gonna make a little "modesty panel" to cover up and I will also clean the mirror!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally a photo of the fabric for the dress that will be washed tomorrow

I used some decorative stitches on the sleeves but should have stabilazed the fabric for a better result, but I think the blouse is kind of cute and will look good with almost everything and you can´t have too many white blouses...

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