Friday, May 20, 2011


Every museeum has to have a shop and so did Möllegården.
I found this very nice dress made by Livstycket
I known about livstycket for a long time and am really impressed with the work they do. I linked to the english site. Please take some time and read about them!

This is a close up on the screen printed panel:

Is it dutch Sigrid?
At least I know it´s linen and that I´ll be proud wearing it!


Annika said...

Very coooool! Yeah, it's Dutch!

Sigrid said...

Yes, it's Dutch. Though it should read "Vrede begint met jou en mij". It's not correct Dutch now, but who cares, the message is clear!

karin said...

I wonder what they will say if I try to return it with that reason