Saturday, May 14, 2011

GI Jane or Where have all the flowers gone?

The 19 buttondress are in progress and I´m adapting a Burda shirt dress with mixed results, my main problem right now is that I can´t "shoot from the hip" It´s to tight there and it should not be according to measurement and I don´t have the energy to find out how it happened. I just know how I will deal with it.
I will also rip the seam on the right pocket flap that I´m not content with

I added some glamour on the left side with a batch and have one more for the sleeve that I´m currently working on.

And here´s where the flower went

There´s alot of stitching and since I´m making flat felled seams a little more to consider and a lot more timeconsuming but fun and I like the result. I bought 3 meters of fabric at first but had to go back for a little more and came home with another additional fabric that I will have to wash before I can finish the dress

This is a picture from the other day when I took a walk to alocal market for groceries. Feel the smell?

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Annika said...

Love how you put the flowered fabric in the pockets