Sunday, May 29, 2011

GI Jane ready for action

I really love this dress I think it´s a good transitional dress and that suites the weather here now...

And there´s some details of the pockets and sleeves

I haven´t been doing this kind of sewing for a long time so it was fun to know that I still has the skills
Right now I´m refashioning my Onion goes Chanel jacket by taking of the hood and changing the trim to a more stand out way and using the fabric from the hood to add pockets, a lot of hand sewing but portable. I also bought fabric for a new jacket ( why use your stash??....) and are doing a lot of knitting.

Oh! I entered the dress in the PR knock off competition and there are some really nice prices so please vote for me....or for someone else of the nice items....

1 comment:

Sigrid said...

Lovely dress Karin, bet you'll be wearing it a lot.
Good luck in the competitition.