Monday, April 11, 2011

McCall 5586

I rarely use other patterns than Burda and Onion but this pattern came into my stash last year I think

It´s now out of print, but I like it I think it makes nice summer tops and could easily be made into dresses.
This fabric a rayon print I found at the attic a couple of months ago and has apparently been cut in some kind of wrapdress that I did not want today

I did not want the brown border but needed it for the backing of the yoke and I used my mean ironing machine to attach it, works like a charm everytime!!!

I read a review that said that it was big under the arms so I decided to sew the side seams last and when trying it on it was very big and low cut so I used my quilters ruler and cut off 4 cm at top tapering to pattern width at hem. The top is also shortened by 6 cm

When going through all the stuff from the wardrobe clean out I found that I used to do really nice stuff and lately I´ve been sewing fast so I decided it was time for a change so to try something new I did french seams at the sides that provides a clean finish.
I have plans to add "crafty" stuff to the yoke. Let´s see if I have time tomorrow to go shopping for some.
I spent the day reorganizing or redecorate my sewing/bedroom for making sewing easier and more fun.

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