Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fabric shopping

Not beeing able to attend PR weekend in Bryssels last weekend did not stop me from shopping for fabrics ( or yarn for that matter...)
Very close to my parents house is a huge fabricstore. They have a lot of crap or should I say used to have a lot of crap, I think due to change of ownership it has been better. Fabrics are arranged due to color and most things are not marked with fiber content. There´s a lot of old fabrics and I think they by leftovers, but the pricing is rather fair and last week I found a trolley with shirtfabrics, probably of italian origin and they where going to be folded and put in the shelves there they would disappear...sadly...
I bought 2 2 meters pieces and went back the day after for more
from left
Yellow chambray type of fabric
Light blue twill weave
Red shirtstripe
Brown green stripe that I had in my stash for years and made a very nice blouse with last fall, of course with FBA...saved the buttons I used tealish mother of pearl buttons and I know this will work with teal piping. It´s almost like not buying any fabric...
Pink shirting from a fabric store in Malmö
Flowery fabric for a blouse, it´s the same fabric as for my dress for the wedding that I mad last summer but with a different print and a totally different price...
Today I´m going to do some alterations and finishing including hemming a dress I made 10 ? years ago???
and I have rotated the furniture a little more...

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