Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fair Isle shawl

I did this before new year and I´ve used it a lot!
I always had a fear for fair isle but working with Kauni wool was easy. The yarn is variagated so I´ve used two colorways and some extra yarn for the back of the border ( Rauma Finull)

Right now I´m working on a cardigan with some fair isle knitting as well and using alpacka is a very different thing when it cames to doing stranded work.
The shawl is done in the round and cut open. It´s a ravelry pattern but the borders are my own.


Annika said...

OMG!!!! This shawl is wonderful! I love the border with your initials. I love the colorway. Wow! Wow!

karin said...

Thank you! I loved knitting it and I love wearing it, I wear it as a shawl and use it as a lap coverlet

gabrielle said...

dear karin,

I came across your shawl on the internet. I love the pattern !!! You say its by ravelry, but how do I find it?