Wednesday, February 09, 2011

DeFBAing clothes

I did some very nice shirts this fall, draping the front to make sure the bust dart was the correct size and correct position. These shirts now add to my button stash...
The summer dress that I whore for the wedding will be dartless and altered and I praise all the clothes I made being too lazy to do any FBA and digging out my empire cut disasters and thinking of giving the Kwik Sew Wrap Top a new chance.
Will start work again on monday ( Yey!!!!) and have an appointment with my new doctor;the onkologist on thursday to discuss and plan chemo. My need for clothes are very small right now but I´m working on my second chemo hat a 70-style something in crochet. I have to reload my camera and show you pics. The first one is a simple 2K2P hat in drops new alpack silk baby yarn.
I also started a yoke cardigan. I need thin cardigans for work in the summertime. This one uses the alpacka silk yarn too and some alpacka for the Fair Isle parts.

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Tini said...

Chemo is going to be hard. Try making really really really soft hats, like simple stockinette with the purl bumps outside. I wore a fleece hat all the time since it was the softest of the hats I had.

As for the chemo itself. Try to get a thingy implanted into one of your veins at your collarbone. Try to stay away from IV into your arm. It totally messed up my veins in my arm and taking blood is a PITA now.

To prepare yourself for the chemo start taking Selenium now and a dosis 5times higher than suggested, that helps to prevent inflamation of the veins and also lessens the sideeffects of the chemo (like feeling like throwing up and stuff). Once you are thru chemo, you should go down to the "Normal" dosis of Selenium. And take vitamins! These small things kept me quiet o.k. during chemo.

I also did a mistletoe-therapy, which helped me a lot too!

If you have any questions, don't hestitate to contact me.