Thursday, January 22, 2009

I bought the Bohus

I was at "Myrorna" the Salvation army´s fleamarket last week and found a Bohus sweater. It´s the second time I found one and I still regret that I didn´t buy the first one. This one was highly overpriced as a lot of thing are at this shop. So I left without it but having thought about it and talked to people at the "Spede" class ( more on that later) I went back and when I looked at again the idea that I could frog the sweater and save the beautiful yoke and knit me a new sweater that will fit I bought it.

The sweater is very oddly shaped, snug at the neck but the yoke is beatiful. It has a went in the back and are buttoned with tree buttons

The angora blended yarn used for the yoke are so soft, the yarn used for the "white-ish" parts are in a strange off white gray shade.

The label is still there:

I will have to find a yarn for the bodyparts and My plan is to contact "Solsilke" who dye yarn to make kits for Bohus sweaters.


KayB said...

What a great idea to keep this beautiful yoke... not that I heard much about Bohus, but the yoke looks stunning.....

Annika said...

Great find. What size knitting needles will you have to use to redo the body of the sweater?

karin said...

1,5 mm I think, That´s what I use for the spede sweathers and I prefer knitting with thin needles. I use addi needles. They really make a differense!