Saturday, January 03, 2009

Did I do all that!

One thing I like about blogging is that when a year has passed and you think; what the h-l did I do last can look through your posts and see all the things you did and forgot about. I´m especially fond of/ proud of that I finished the mini wardrobe contest, especially since my use of clothes and outfits are down to a minimum since working in uniform. I´m also amazed by all the shawls I knitted and there´s one Iqarus under my mattress waiting to be released. I also liked that I bought a dummy after all years wanting to.
My favourite part of the blogging is that I can keep in touch with people I see in person not often enought.
Hope to meet you all in Paris this fall. and there´s always a couch even if it´s hairy for you to use in Malmo.


KayB said...

Yeah, its' amazing all the things you can get forget in a year :-)
Regarding the hairy couch: you're most welcome to try my hairy couch as well - so thanks for the offer :-)

Tini said...

there's a hairy house here in Germany too!
Your shawls are amazing, so you can be really proud of them!

Annika said...

Oh don't talk to me about hairy sofas! Mine is a giant furball! I love your shawls and am envious of your knitting talent! If only I could take all the fur on the couch and knit something with it...even if only a beret for the cat...and a little scarf and booties...
Happy New Year!