Monday, January 05, 2009

First finished project of 2009

The knitting was done last year but the blocking this year. It´s the Icarus Shawl from "The best of interweave knits" The edging is a little bit different due to not enought yarn, according to the book there should be yarn over, but wasn´t. It doesn´t really matter in this case. I like the shawl and this one´s MINE!

Now I want to make myselt a Kiri in kid silk in some kind of burgundy color...that will have to wait.'I started my second Spedes cardigan. I need something small that will last long for taxi knitting and the sleeves will do the job. I´m making it in a light natural grey wool. Time will tell what colors I will use for decorations. The spede class will finally happen this month and then I will work on my teal cardigan. My plan is to make that one with a lot och sparkels etc and making the grey one more everyday.

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