Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If you want Leila´s kitchen, right here is where you start creating. In crochet!

This is Leila Lindholm. She´s probably swedens most popular TV chef. Right now she bakes! She´s cute as a button and her kitchens are full of colourful things in pastell. look at the picture! Of course she does the styling herself and she uses a lot of second hand things too. This picture is from the baking series and the kitchen is from a B&B in Mariefred This is from her kitchen:
This is my latest attempt to get the look.
They are croched in double what we call 8/4 cottonyarn or regular crochet yarn. The pink is from Stoff och stil and the off-white is an organic cotton yarn
This drink might work in the kitchen...

I believe that these double crochet panholders ( what are they called in english? ) are the best and I´m working on red with black edge for my parents

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Annika said...

I don't know what the pot holders are called in English other than crocheted potholders but they're magnificent. Love the icy blue drink too. Yum!