Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fabric shopping in Paris

I´ve been to Paris for a couple of days and visited the fabric shops at Montmartre. The first two pictures are from Tissue Reine These dolls are so cute
I didn´t buy anyting there but below are my purchases. Pieces of about 3 m each bought at some shop called something like " gentlement of tissue"
The red pieces are from onother store on Rue DÓrsel. I can´t recall the name but they had another shop too, only for shops, professionals etc and he told me the other store bought fabrics from them.
The off white to the left is a stripe structured cotton, will be good for a jacket, 3m 18 euro.
The red- white flowery is rayon that I think will be good for s retro dress 3 m 12 euro
The teal white wíth embroidery, dress also, 3 m 18 euro, cotton
the plaid, viscose 4m 10 euro
the flowery, viscose 3 m 10 euro, they match!
Then its a silk with a border at one side willmake some kind of blouse or dress that are so popular now, silk/cotton, 3 m 23 euro
The last one is a kind of shirt fabric in cotton, has a stripe structure 1,5 m 8 euro

There are a lot of stores around Marche St Pierre and you can find simular and the same thing at the same prices in them. Shop around!!

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Annika said...

I love the hat and wig on the mannequin in the top picture! You made out like a bandit with all your purchases! I am sooo jealous!