Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pineapple shawl

In the middle of this month I havn´t been buying any yarn or fabric for 6 months and I have plenty left to use...I allowed myself to start as many project as I likes and this is the latest addition. It´s a pineapple shawl croched in a weawers cotton- linen yarn. The result is so great! It´s soft and since Noa Noa charge you 500 crowns for a simular shawl it´s a real bargain and I´m having fun while doing it The pattern is from "Family Circle easy Crochet" All things are not so nice in that book but some are really great!

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Annika said...

Wow - that is really pretty! It is true sometimes you have to look through a magazine thoroughly to find something good. This one is a winner.