Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kinder egg week

Do you know what a kinder egg is? It´s a hollow egg made of milkchocolate and then there´s a plastic toy inside. 3 wishes in one as the commercals tells us; something good, something fun and something else...??
Anyway, I finished 3 items this week; first the plaid blouse, then this knitted wrap used the same yarn ( my salary ) as in the shawl I showed earlier. I like it a lot and will now put it away until lets say hopefully october.
The third item is this top. It´s a BWF pattern plus size section that got a too long neckband
I took the easy way and inserted some plastic elastic like you use for lingerie
I think it was done in white with black seams in the magazine. The top is very nice. It has a nice hemline that lookes like it´s curved but is straight once you get the top on. 3/4 sleeve feels nice!

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Annika said...

Great job on all three things! Whoo Hoo! You are soooo productive! :)