Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Onion goes Odd Molly

The other night I felt for sewing and was thinking of what fabric I should put the scissors into. When my inner voice said:"- you better finish something Karin! Since Odd Molly been such a huge brand here in Sweden we all urge for plaid little blouses and all the stores carry them in variations that differ a little from the original brand. I think it was in November that on of our chains called Lindex had to redraw one blouse becourse it was just copied into the embrodery and the little bow.
Well this is an Onion pattern, number 5018 in a quilters cotton, Debbie Mumm I think and with an FBA and no gathering at the end of the sleeves. Very easy to sew and is now waiting for me to iron it and put some lace perhaps in the drawstring necklace and I might add one or two embroiderys such as roses. A bow? No I don´t think so

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Annika said...

Cool pattern! I usually find quilting cotton too stiff to make a nice blouse, but yours looks great! Did you prewash it a million times to get it to look so good?